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The plastic pommel, together with the special layers of the saddle construction, ensures wither clearance and a stable connection of the left and right sides of a treeless saddle.


The pommel is easily interchangeable and should be adjusted to the horse's back. There are 5 sizes of pommels available. A correctly fitted pommel guarantees freedom from withers. The best way to determine the correct size is to consult an EDIX® dealer in advance with photos or by means of a fitting consultation will help you determine the correct size. When in doubt, it is best to order an extra size and simply test it out.


Some time after using a treeless saddle for the first time (under the influence of the correct training in combination with the increased freedom of movement) your horse's muscling will increase and a larger size of pommel may be required.


Pommel Child white can only be used in children's saddles

XS red

S blue

M gray standard in the EDIX® saddles

L green

Xl orange


The pommels are available with and without horn. If you want a pommel without a horn, see other listing.

EDIX Pommel With Horn

Pommel Size