Mandriana, Toscana, and the NEW Buttera Bareback saddles

Cavallin Treeless Mandriana, Toscana, and Buttera saddles are made by Ghost Saddles. These saddles are a crossover between a sophisticated bareback pad and a treeless saddle. This unique bareback-saddle has 3 parts: a treeless pad with inserts and lined with thick wool, the “base” with cantle and the girth straps, that spreads the pressure over a large surface and holds the sturdy Velcro stirrup attachment, and finally the uber comfortable seat for the rider made in your choice of sheepskin, suede, or synthetic vegan Suede called Lorica. The choice is yours!  This construction will adapt to your needs as well as your horse’s.

Here are the shape choices:

  • Mandriana Rotondo (round)

  • Mandriana Quadro (square)

  • Mandriana Selvaggia (uncut)

  • Toscana (made from Suede or Lorica)

  • Buttera (made from Suede or Lorica)

There is a choice in sheepskins. Lovely lush cream coloured medicinal sheepskin with a pile of 3 cm. Several colours with 5 cm pile and untreated wild sheep skin in many natural colours.

New kids model!
Mandriana Wildcut
Wildcut sheepksin
Available in many Suede colours. Lorica (vegan suede) also.
Available in many suede colours, Lorica (Vegan) also.
Mandriana Square
Square cut 5 cm pile
Mandriana Round
Round cut 5 cm pile
Supportive cantle
Inside the saddle pad which is included
Velcro Stirrup Plate
Movable for your optimal position and comfort.
Base of Bareback Saddles
Note the built in Cantle and genius girthing system!
Wool lined for your horses comfort
Spinal clearance is provided by the foam inserts either side of the spine. An additional Cavallin shimmed saddle pad is recommended for extended time in the saddle.
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Ghost Cavallin Buttera Bareback Saddle
Ghost Cavallin Buttera Bareback Saddle

Leather Choices


Cavallin Treeless Models

Cavallin Treeless Heritage
Cavallin Treeless Crusader
Cavallin Treeless Puro
Cavallin Puro Plus
With knee blocks.
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The Cavallin Treeless line is made by Ghost and uses the same base structure. The difference is the stirrup and girth attachment. The stirrups are attached to a sturdy Velcro plate, that can be placed in every position.  Some models have a second attachment under the flap, next to the billets. You can order special stirrup straps that are attached at the top and lower rings, to distribute the weight of the rider. The billets are attached with rings at the bottom of the flap. There is a choice of blocks, which are also attached with Velcro. The PURO can also be delivered with a GHOST base - for the same price.

Velcro Stirrup Plate
Move your stirrups to where you want them!
Additional Stirrup attachment
Available on some models.
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