Hi Di, just wanted to let you know - my saddle (Ghost Buttera) has arrived and we did our first big ride in it today. 20 km, lots of trot and canter and I love it! Feels much nicer for his back and so comfy for me too! It feels very secure on his back and to ride in! I think I mentioned, he broke his wither a couple of years ago, and this is the first saddle that sits properly straight on him, I'm so pleased with it. Thank you so much for all your help! :) Mel D.

The biggest telling factor in Trooper, was riding down the first big steep hill away from the house for the first time- I didn't realise how much he had been tensing up down hill, as the first three steps he was tight and hunchy through the shoulders with his head up, and then he realised it didn't hurt anymore! He let out this huge sigh, stretched out his neck, and just power walked down the hill in a straight line- no zigzagging or dawdling, and he's been like that ever since. The Ghost (Barocco) doesn't slip forwards onto his shoulders (like every single other saddle I've tried over the years has done), it just stays where it should. I've never been so utterly thrilled with a saddle in my life- the older grey gelding's wither pockets are starting to fill in as well and everybody is commenting on how much it has changed my position for the better. Everybody that's ridden in it has loved it too. I can't thank you enough!! Cheers, Beth G.



Wow. I am so happy with my DP Quantum Sport Saddle. Our rides on the weekend were 6 hours and 30 km and 7 hours up and down hills and 28 km. Comfortable for me and more importantly my horse didn't have a sore back and was still happy to trot on the way back to the floats. ️ Kate S.


Love my DP Doma saddle, I have been riding in this saddle for several months now and it really is wonderful. It has made such a difference to my horse and my riding. The only way I can really describe it is that when I am riding I feel like I am part of my horses movement, and we are working together as one. He is also so much more responsive to my seat ! When I ordered it I was a little worried because I thought the gallery looked "funny", but it works so well. It is firm and supportive and I feel totally secure in it but it does not get in the way like the knee pads or horns on many saddles. I also really like the stirrup leathers under the saddle flap, they are less fixed then fender leathers and more stable then English leathers. This saddle gives me really good balance, close contact and a secure feel, the spinal clearance is great and its light and easy to move and lift . I am also noticing that I can spend more hours in the saddle and my knees and back don't get sore at all. We just love it, Thank you. ️️Danielle B


I had today off work and took Diesel for a ride this morning. I have the combination of the shims, gullet width and saddle position in correct combination so that the clearance over his wither is good. I had a great ride! Abby was easier to fit. I love how I can feel the horses under me, although at first it felt a bit strange. The lighter weight of the Startrekk treeless saddle is also a bonus for the horses and me having to lift it! I have given your brochure to a girlfriend and told her she needs to contact you! Being able to wash the Mattes pad and girth in the washing machine is brilliant and the MELP is great. Simone B


You made my saddle purchase so easy for me, thank you. I love my Buckeburger saddle more each time I ride in it. Thank you to Holistic Equine Saddlery & Tack for your excellent service and making this dream come true. Nadine L


After spending 2 years and hundreds of dollars on a 'master fitter', I was completely frustrated and unable to ride my horse. The saddle fitter told me to either use a riser (which I put on once and it completely crushed his wither), or buy a custom made saddle, well out of my price range. After getting put on to Dianne, I went and rode in saddles at her house to decide on best fit. Dianne was fabulous in assisting with everything I needed and answering all of my questions. Following a 3 month layoff with a broken pelvis (not caused by my horse!), my HM saddle has now arrived and I can't wait to use it. The order process was simple, Dianne kept me in the loop all the way, and it arrived very quickly. I will recommend Kuda Saddles to everyone looking for a saddle! Justine R


I love my new DP El Campo Del Flor Saddle and more importantly Adjani seems to love it too. His old saddle had been fitted by a master saddle fitter recently and deemed a good fit for him but he was getting nippy when I was taking him up which I put down to him being bossy. However since he has the El Campo he immediately stopped fussing and trying to nip so he must have been saying that he didn't like the other saddle. Even though it has not been fitted yet (several week waiting period for my fitter) he is obviously very happy in it. Gaiting really well, and giving a huge ground covering trot, waving his tail around out riding like a happy dog and no getting cranky with saddling. I like the firm knee blocks as he likes to chuck in the odd buck when excited and they give me added stability. I am not sure if he loves the flexible tree or the rear facing tree points (he does have very large shoulders that extend back quite far) but he is a very happy horse. Fiona H


…When I started my mare (under instruction) and got on her for the very first time my trainer said I had a ‘grin like a split watermelon’ which always amused me… I suspect that grin returned this morning as I got on my new Kuda Saddle! I LOVE it! It doesn’t feel new, it feels like I have always had it, and the leather is so soft, even adjusting the fenders wasn’t a battle like I am used to! I am so happy! Thank you so much! We did arena work today and will trail ride tomorrow… my gorgeous boy liked it too! Although, now his working life will actually pick up as he has a proper saddle that we both like! Thank you so much, thrilled to bits! Christine C


I recently purchased a Deuber Buckeburger saddle, and absolutely love it. The saddle has completely changed my position, and allows both myself and my horse much better balance, communication, movement and comfort. Very highly recommend this saddle. Janine G                     



Hi Dianne, I'm in heaven!!!  Everything fitted perfectly and my horse has stopped running around and trying to bite me when I saddle him up.  I think its the first saddle that's ever fitted him and he's stepping through beautifully. I went for quite a long ride on Sunday and got off feeling no sign of soreness. Thank you for all your help, the DP El Campo Shorty saddle has been the best investment I've made in a long time. 
Warmly, Helen S


HEST and Dianne were great to deal with when ordering my new saddle. She kept me updated on the progress of it's making, allowed me to devise my own payment plan and make some last minute changes. Always pleasant to deal with and very happy with my purchase. I'll be ordering some more horse equipment from Dianne soon! Emily P


I have just received my Kuda Rancher Flex saddle from HEST and it is everything I hoped it would be. Dianne was super helpful, knowledgeable and patient through the saddle and tree selection process. Being able to try the saddles is wonderful though the one I finally chose was on Dianne's recommendation alone-I trusted her that much! The return policy gave me peace of mind but no need to use it as she nailed the selection. Buying a western saddle was a new challenge for me but Kuda's gaited horse tree is perfect for my horse. Thanks Dianne for the customer service, thanks Kuda for the fabulous product!

Abby P

Holistic Equine Saddlery & Tack were absolutely fantastic to deal with for my new saddle purchase of Deuber & Partner Quantum Short Light Western! I truly couldn't be happier with service given and any questions I had were promptly answered along with extra advice! Thanks so much truly love my saddle and totally worth every cent! Beautiful quality as you would expect and more!! Naomi G


I absolutely love my new DP El Campo saddle from HEST! Di has been amazing throughout the whole process. She put up with my millions of questions and has also been available after my purchase for support. The saddle is exactly what I dreamed it would be! So so comfy and my horse seems so much happier. It is a perfect fit on my very broad clydie x quarter horse. Not to mention the saddle is ridiculously stunning and the envy of all my horsey friends! The craftsmanship is second to none. Di did everything she said she would and everything arrived really quickly. Thanks for a great experience on such an important purchase! I will definitely be purchasing the matching bridle next! Michelle B

Hi Di, I have been meaning to touch base with you for a week or so now... My leather HM saddle and leathers arrived! Yay! I have managed to get a few rides in with the last two being decent rides where I could really put the saddle through its paces. I did more jumping over my drums and lots of pole and cavaletti work and also some good road work up hills etc. I LOVE that saddle! I had forgotten how beautiful and "springy" those saddles are to ride in as I had pulled one of my old saddles out to ride my young horse in while waiting the few weeks for this one to arrive, and this was a real pleasure to come back to. I haven't ridden much lately so I am not as fit to riding as I have been and I can tell you my butt sure prefers the HM saddle! I actually got some elevation through my old horses shoulders today whilst doing some flat work and he is so much freer in his trot. My 7 year old son comes trail riding with me on his push bike and his first comment was " oh wow, look at Hummer's trot mum, it's huge!" I said " I know! I'm riding it!" Lol So my 20 year old horse is no longer retired, he's back in gentle work with us aiming for some low level jumping lessons and a ODE in December! Woooo hooooo! I'm so excited to have my trusty steed back! Here are some pic's of the saddle half way through our jumping session (unmoved!) and the awesome sweat mark when we finished no more dry patches the size of my hand !! Thanks so much Di, fabulous saddle design Heather Moffet and I love the matching leathers I still can't believe after all these years I have finally found something that suits! Amazing xxx 
Thanks a million. Nadia & Hummer 


Di is very knowledgeable and definitely not a hard selling type, she wants to help find the best possible fit for horse and rider. I can honestly say, from the first time I put the saddle on, my horse thanked me! He moved better, was more forward and in subsequent days he ceased shifting about and trying to walk off when I went to put the saddle on so he is definitely happier in this saddle!! He now stands rock still while I saddle up and snoozes, LOL. I absolutely love my Kuda Rancher Flex Saddle, it is so comfortable and I feel very secure. Naturally correct fit is paramount as they are of no use if the horse isn’t comfortable but I really felt that Di was absolutely honest and if she didn't think it would be the right fit, she would say so. These saddles are a thing of beauty, the quality of the leather is really the best I have ever seen in saddles. Trudi R


I have a just received my made to order Kuda Rancher Saddle. Dianne's experience, advice and support made the whole process easy and I got exactly what I wanted. The saddle fits all my riding horses ( I used the measuring shells and took advantage of an available demo saddle) and is the most comfortable and secure saddle I have ever ridden in. I cannot recommend Kuda Saddles and Dianne too highly. Gayle S


If I wasn’t already in love with my Kuda Enduro Saddle, I would be today after my gelding did a huge shy and shot sideways with no warning. It kept me on board! I am telling everyone I know how great the saddles are! Julie C


Just thought I'd let you know I've received my Mattes Fellsattel and I absolutely love it. It's amazing. I have always felt my horse was very unbalanced in the canter and very reluctant to canter but today we went to the beach and had the best canter I've ever had on him. My first 3 rides my hips ached really bad but in a good way I felt so correct in the saddle. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone. I wish the cob version was out when I ordered my as my 13.3 pony is very short backed but I think I may end up purchasing another one for him and using this one on my other. Thank you so much! Tanya P


Kuda saddles came highly recommended to me from both personal friends and a saddle fitter as a flexible saddle that was kind to horses backs. New to the 'Western' style of riding I needed a fair bit of help to figure out what was going to be right for myself and my young warmblood horse. We are into dressage and working equitation and do a fair bit of trail riding as well so I wanted a nice looking, comfy saddle that would last for years and complement my dressage saddle as well as be useful for trail riding and the cattle aspect of working equitation. Dianne was very helpful and responsive to all my emails and texts. She helped me find a saddle that would fit both myself and my horse and the 10 day money back return guarantee helped me with peace of mind as to fitting the saddle correctly after a horror experience fitting a dressage saddle that left me $500 out of pocket, hours of my time lost and still without a usable saddle. I settled on an All Round Flex Saddle and what a well made, good looking saddle it is. The attention to detail and quality shines through and I know I will have a saddle that will last me the next 20 years. The saddle itself looks great, the colours and leather are beautiful and I get lots of comments on it. Best of all it sits me in the correct position and is very comfortable. It was a bit daunting in a western style saddle for the first time coming from years of dressage but the saddle is very secure and well made and I feel great in it. Dianne was incredibly patient with my fitting concerns and talked me through various options and how to best fit the saddle to a young, growing horse that will change shape quite a bit over the next few years. She was instantly responsive every time which surprised me, in the past saddle fitters/makers etc tend to leave you hanging for hours if not days at a time.Dianne had a solution for everything and I felt I was getting a fair price and value for money every step of the way. I couldn't be happier with the service or the product. It's worth every cent. Thanks Di! You rock! Lee B

THE most knowledgeable, easy going person to deal with, not to mention patient (working out colours, etc), Dianne is half the reason I have come back to order another saddle from her. The Kuda Elite Flex that I bought originally is everything she said it would be. My horse (high withered TB) loves it and stretches out into some beautiful strides. I have received many comments when they see us at clinics and club meets, ranging from "How did you get a Western Saddle that fits at TB?" to "Wow I love your saddle, where did you get it/what brand is it?" I just wish these people could see the difference in his mood and performance from being ridden in the 2yr old stock saddle to moving with some lovely, controlled energy in his Kuda (yes it is HIS saddle :) ) As an added extra, super comfy for me too! I saved a few dollars and bought an ex demo from Dianne, excellent condition, only difference being that it had already been oiled and conditioned for me. Linda S


I've owned and ridden in quite a few saddles but this is the first time I've bought a custom made saddle and I want to say it is worth it. I had become too anxious to canter and had given up trying. But on my second ride in my new Kuda I had my first canter in about 5 years ! Milo and I both enjoyed it and I am a lot more confident that I will stay on if something unexpected happens. Hooray for buck rolls ! Dianne is lovely to deal with and is always quick to return calls or find out information. I've now ordered 2 more saddles for my children. Catriona G


My horse and I both love our Kuda Aussie Flex saddle. It fits my short, broad backed Quarab perfectly and is very comfy. The saddle is finished to a high standard, even my hubby commented on its looks and he is not horsey. Di was very helpful in helping me choose what I needed in my saddle, there are heaps of options. One of my friends has already ordered a girth and saddle  blanket based on what she has seen and I will certainly be ordering more gear. I have completed two 40 km training rides in my Kuda saddle with no problems at all. Sharon P


GREAT customer service! Di was patient, knowledgeable and gave me confidence to buy such an important item before being able to try it firsthand. After many emails and phone calls I was ready to purchase my beautiful saddle fully fitted with girth and saddle pad. The quality of my Aussie Flex saddle is just awesome and it was the perfect answer to my dilemma of a having new horse that nothing else would fit. I will be spreading the name KUDA here in Western Australia. Brana W


Just letting you know my saddle arrived at Tambar Springs today, and I couldn't wait to go for a ride. I think it is fairly safe to say that after only one ride I will NOT be requiring a refund. The horse I bought the saddle for, Cash, a VERY wide 5 year old quarter horse, is usually so cranky when we go for a ride, and I know that is because the saddle I rode him in was too narrow across his shoulders making him sore and uncomfortable. Normally when I ask for a canter he does so begrudgingly and with his ears back flat against his neck the whole time and a hump or two in protest. As a result and out of concern for him because he is my baby, he has had very little work, and nothing too complex because he was always sore across the shoulders and got around with a hollowed out back and high head - not a pretty look for a quarter horse. Today - after I figured out how to do the latigo girth up (having never used one before) and having Cash try to get away from the saddle as he does with my old saddle - we walked around for about ten minutes, his head got lower and lower and he started licking his lips. Taking this as a good sign I asked for a trot and canter. At first Cash was reluctant but after a few strides he softened up so unbelievably well and every canter after that was hump free and an absolute rocking horse dream. If it hadn't started raining after an hour, I would still be riding. When I took the saddle off there were no sore or dry areas from uneven pressure on his back. I cannot thank you enough for answering all my questions and helping me decide which Kuda saddle was right for me. The Elite Flex is perfect and feels like I have been riding in it for years. I will recommend you to everyone I know - whether they ask or not. I have tried to enter this testimonial onto your website, but couldn't work out how so please know that I am absolutely thrilled with my new saddle and will look to you again next time when I buy my dressage saddle. Cash's days of lolling around the paddock getting fat on air are over, he and I have so much to catch up on and many an adventure to be had. 
Thank you again. Rebecca B

Best shopping experience ever. Nothing was to much for Dianne! The saddles are awesome! My Kuda changed my world! Michaela W


An absolute pleasure to deal with! The saddle I ordered was customised to my specifications and is outstanding quality. I have never owned such a beautiful saddle before. Di was a pleasure to deal with. She answered my many questions thoroughly and with pleasure. Victoria S

A great service full of knowledge patience excellent top quality products all delivered with a smile. Would shop here again and again. Susan S

 Your customer service is the best. You can make magic happen and even with short notice. Andrew and I can't thank you enough xx Tina M