Saddle Fitting

Saddle fittings and pre-purchase trials are available on some of the saddles. Please see the Demo Saddles page for details. You can hire a demo saddle for 10 days.

Fittings can be performed here on-site in Woodend Victoria. There is a redeemable demo/fit fee of $120: if a new saddle purchase is made then this fee is waived, or refunded should you place your order at a later date.

Email consults are also available to customers that cannot bring their horse to Woodend. This will involve you taking conformation photos of your horse. There is currently no fee for this service. 


If you would rather take the plunge and take full advantage of our 10 day - no questions asked - return policy, that applies to all new saddles purchased from HEST, then I am here to assist you with the fitting of your new saddle via email, phone, video etc.  My ability to assist  you accurately, is highly dependent on the photos you provide to me. Please ensure that no strong shadows are being cast on your horse whilst making sure you are in good light, an overcast day is ideal. Please see example photos below. Please note these are not supposed to be examples of good or bad saddle fit, they are purely meant to be used as a "photo taking guide", so you can send me good usable photos for your saddle fit assessment. 

Alternatively you may elect to have your own independent saddle fitter assess the fit of your new saddle for you. If your fitter concludes that your new saddle will not fit  you or your horse, you can return it for a full refund less the $120 trial fee and any postage costs. Saddle fitters are not usually experienced with the fitting of treeless saddles so please consult me with regards to fit in this instance. Saddles should be returned insured to the value of it's RRP. Please read the return policy for full details.

Photo Instructions and Examples 

1) Make sure your horse is standing square and on even ground

2) Make sure your horses head is in a neutral position: not grazing 

3) Make sure there are no shadows being cast on your horse or sun glare distorting the clarity of the images

4) Make sure your horses mane is not in the way 




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