Christ Cloud Special Plus Fur Saddle

Christ Cloud Special Plus Fur Saddle

SKU: Ex demo Cloud special

Ex demo but will suit new buyer! Only ridden in a handful of times.

Colour: Brown/Brown/Natural

size: PO



The "CLOUD special plus" is entirely made of sheepskin on the underside, 30mm wool in the seat area and 15mm on the sides, just like our "special" saddle pads. It has a saddle flap and sweat flap which allows the use of detachable knee blocks, which are fixed by Velcro. These give additional support and allow gymnastic jumps. The cantle receives its fit by a special composite foam core which is already formed as a seat. As with all of our fur saddles, stirrups can be attached. Composite foam inserts are included as standard.


Which is the correct seat size?
The size of the fur saddle should be selected primarily by the riders size. Ladies up to clothing size 12 (Australian) will best fit in PO size, but can also take the WB size, if they have large-sized horses, which could make the PO size look tiny on their horses. But this is a purely aesthetic matter. Ladies 12+ size will find WB size most comfortable. Size WB will also fit smaller horses and ponies. Men should choose size WB size if their sizes are 40/42 or above. 


The pressure is mainly located where you sit and is caused by the bones of your pelvis. Just like riding without a saddle, except that the CHRIST fur saddles protect your horses back via lambskin cushion underneath the saddle, the composite upholstery (padding inside) and the seat's lambskin, together distribute the pressure on the horses back. 


Since CHRIST fur saddles do not have a fixed saddle tree, they are ideally suited for every horses' back. Yes, every single one of them. This is particularly helpful if you're fitting a sway backed horse, or extremely short backed horses, or are dealing with symmetry issues. CHRIST fur saddles are a great alternative and often the only way to ride these horses again.


Fur saddles don't have to be fitted, because only soft and very flexible materials are used and nothing hinders or restricts the movements of the horse, therefore, CHRIST fur saddles suit all horses.

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