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There are 7 Mattes Fellsattel tunnel widths to choose from. Every Mattes Fellsattel comes with a tunnel size of your choosing included. If you have 2 horses that are radically different in width to each other, you can just switch out the tunnels and you're ready to ride!


Our experience has shown that going down a tunnel size to what you measure (see instructions) works best. We also find that the standard 22cm tunnel works great on the majority of horses. Only horses with very narrow withers (think shark-fin) will require a narrow tunnel like a 16cm-18cm.


Tunnels are available to fit Full and Cob sized Fellsattels. Please note not all sizes are currently in stock.

Mattes Fellsattel Tunnel - Cob

GST Included
  • If your ordered item is not in stock, please allow 6-8 weeks for your item to arrive.

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