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Reduce rubs and pressure with a Mattes curb chain cover. Soft Merino sheepskin sewn into a long lasting cotton backing. Cover is secured to your bridle using a long Velcro closure. Closure fully encloses the chin strap or curb chain. Use the curb chain cover as padding on any part of the bridle. Fits over the cheek pieces, a figure 8 noseband or even on sensitive rub areas of a breastplate.


  • Sheepskin Curb Chain Cover
  • One size: Horse
  • One color: Black
  • In stock
  • Can also be used to cover the chin strap of a dressage or figure 8 bridle
  • Wash using a wool safe detergent such as MELP


If your horse is rubbed by you bridle chin strap, you might want to try a curb chain cover to fix it. 


Mattes makes many products using Merino sheepskins. The wool from a Merino sheep is widely regarded as the best wool available. Most products made by Mattes uses the skin along with the wool. This is different from using just the wool and plugging the wool onto a cotton backing – known as “wool backed”. It is generally accepted that sheepskin, opposed to “wool backed” produces a better, longer lasting product. Mattes sources all its sheepskin from Australia.


Care Instructions: Use wool safe detergent MELP (see other shop listing) only as it contaiins important re-greasing properties which keep the 'skin' supple. Wash on 'wool' cycle in your washing machine and put in dryer on low heat. This will bring the sheepskin back to its cushy best. 

Mattes Curb Chain Covers

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