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***UPDATE*** The EDIX Santos is now available  with a changeable pommel just like our other models.


The EDIX® Santos is made of strong quality Buffalo leather, with a beautiful suede seat in a contrasting colour. With it’s sturdy wooden pommel and cantle, beautifully tooled leather, typical decorations and comfortable seat, the EDIX® Santos has all aspects of a traditional western saddle.


The nicely tooled leather fenders adjustable with a Blevins slide buckle and the leather covered stirrups complete the EDIX® Santos. 


The EDIX® Santos treeless saddle is not only intended for the Western-style riders, but also for those who prefer long rides out. To create an even more luxurious seat, you can combine the Santos with an Australian Merino® sheepskin seat cover. 


An EDIX® treeless saddle offers your horse optimum protection for the load exerted by riding, due to the special construction of various soft flexible pressure distributing materials: EDIX® MPDS, multiple pressure distribution system.


At the same time, these soft, flexible layers perfectly adapt to the anatomy of the horse, as well as the rider’s posture. An EDIX® treeless saddle optimally reacts to the movements of the horse. Partly due to this, the rider learns to perfectly adapt to the horse’s movements and, as such, develops an independent position. As a result, the movements of the horse and rider become one, and from there, excellent communication is created.


Because the horse is moving much more freely, it has the possibility to develop optimally, which is often shown by an increase in muscle mass.


Due to the above and after the habituation period, both horse and rider, show in all aspect of horse riding more relaxation.


Despite the typical Western cut-out “square skirt”, the EDIX® Santos does have a long weight bearing surface front to back when compared to a traditional western saddle, which means this saddle is suitable for most horses. The leather and structure of this Western saddle ensure that it is also very suitable for slightly heavier riders. EDIX® saddles advises you to buy the proposed treeless saddles complete with substructure (special treeless pad). This is to achieve optimal pressure distribution.


Weight 6.9 kg

Seat sizes: (Western)

Small - 15" Seat

Medium - 16" Seat

Large - 18" Seat


ETA: Advised at time of order. ETA can be anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks under normal circumstances.


For more information, visit the website: If you have any questions, please reach out. When you follow the recommended process of fitting, testing, purchasing and aftercare, EDIX® saddles guarantees a perfect fit of your saddle for you and your horse to enjoy for many years.  EDIX® treeless riding, the way to more mutual feeling between you and your horse! You will find comprehensive fitting instructions here:

EDIX Santos Western Saddle

GST Included
ETA is 4 - 12 weeks approximately.
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