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The EDIX® Oakley a fully treeless Western saddle made by hand of original Argentina Cowhide leather with a beautiful tooling and refined classical appearance.  Offering comfort for the rider as well as for the horse for long trail rides as for many other disciplines of Western riding.


The great twist of the saddle offers a narrow , comfortable deep and secure seat. The seat is foam padded and finished with a brushed cow leather. The gullet of the saddle can be adjusted by changing the exchangeable pommel.


In the same style as the saddle there are Oakley fenders and leather covered stirrups. The saddle itself, consists of 2 parts: the upper part - the seating area for the rider, and the lower part - the base of the saddle, which is built up with separate pressure distributing layers. EDIX® MPDS, multiple pressure distribution system. These soft, flexible layers adapt to the anatomy of the horse, as well as the rider’s posture.


An EDIX treeless saddle optimally reacts to the movements of the horse. The complete absence of rigid loadbearing parts allows the horse the move freely, especially the muscles of the horse's back and shoulders and at the same time refine the communication between you and your horse.


The Oakley is fitted with the EDIX® circle-girthing with allows the girth force to interact across a larger area of the saddle, as the connections are fastened at the front and the back of the saddle, as opposed to in the middle. Furthermore, the position of the girth itself can be adjusted forward or backward.   


EDIX® recommends purchasing an Edix treeless saddle as a complete package, including stirrups,  stirrup leathers and a matching special treeless saddle pad including inlays. The special treeless saddle pads are through their construction an addition on the pressure distributing materials of treeless saddles. The EDIX® pads are anatomically shaped and equipped with the correct inlays to ensure freedom of movement for the spine. If required, additional pressure and position distributing material can be added. The position-correcting material can be added in the upper insert compartments, so that you can temporarily improve a saddle position. EDIX® has various models of pads that fit under the Oakley Western saddle. There is a choice between saddle pads with a wool base and finished with a synthetic wool, or a foam based saddle pad finished with an Australian Merino sheepskin. All EDIX pads are specially designed for the EDIX treeless saddles, but also fit under many other treeless saddles.  


The EDIX® Oakley is available in Brown, Cognac, or Natural leather with a brown seat and in the sizes S(16), M(17) and L(18) inch. Custom varieties of this saddle take up to 12 weeks delivery time, ask your dealer for the options.


For more information, visit the website: If you have any questions, please reach out. When you follow the recommended process of fitting, testing, purchasing and aftercare, EDIX® saddles guarantees a perfect fit of your saddle for you and your horse to enjoy for many years.  EDIX® treeless riding, the way to more mutual feeling between you and your horse! You will find comprehensive fitting instructions here:

Edix Oakley Treeless Western Saddle

GST Included
ETA is 4 -12 weeks approximately.
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