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The EDIX ED4 shanks are designed as a horse friendly cue aid hackamore. Which are easy to be used by experienced  as well as starting riders, in all disciplines of horse riding.  Edix ED4 shanks are a brand new innovative  design with a completely different working mechanism,  with features of the English hackamore,  side-cue bridle and bosal in one.


This bitless bridle is available in 4 colours and is called the EDIX ED4 Rose Collection. It is available in 3 sizes, pony/cob, cob/full and extra full. 


The EDIX ED4 is designed and developed in corporation with Esther  Boekel. The EDIX ED4 shanks have a registered modelright at EUIOP, with number  007789730


General working of the EDIX ED4

Through a small wiggling action with the reins the rider can use a clear ‘pre-cue’ signal, by sending this energy to the rings.  By taking up contact with the reins the rider can use a small, limited leverage action engaging the chinstrap and the noseband together, after this short action the contact is being distributed completely to the noseband. It is possible to use  contact on the noseband only, or only contact to the curb strap This is all depending on the adjustment and tightness of the straps in combination with the direction and the action of your hands. There is no added pressure to the poll, the ED4 shanks have a direct release, and giving the poll complete relieve.


The noseband

The broad and softly padded ED4 noseband needs to be positioned as shown in the photos, making sure the horse is able to breath properly and Nasal bones are avoided. The broad surface  of the noseband, is making sure your aids are lightly and evenly given to your horse. Combined with the ED4 shanks, the noseband does not slide up nore down.  Pressure will never be more than the weight you take in your hands. And by the design of the ED4 shanks the noseband is positioned higher on the head than the chinstrap.


The chinstrap

The EDIX ED4 is the only system that reversed the position of the noseband and chinstrap. This in order to have the curb strap as low on the jaw as possible.  It is softly padded for total comfort , giving a secure and elastic fit while enabling  your horse to move his jaw, this enhances relaxation.


Limited Leverage

The EDIX ED4 shanks are designed for minimal and limited leverage, and therefore will never inflict pain. The action of the small leverage is to be received  as a cue. The contact is distributed to the noseband when the limit of the leverage is reached.  You can differ the action of leverage  as well by giving your rein aids upwards. Horses lean into pressure if you keep the pressure on all the time. Giving  light short signals with the ED4 and always release , are a more sufficient way to develop a respectful communication.


The side cue-lateral action

The design of the ED4 , the position of the straps and connection of the reins to the rings, which are able to move to all directions, are assuring the ED4 can be used very well with one-sided rein action, i.e. lateral action of the hand as you also experience with a side pull bridle.  In contrary to other hackamore shanks who DO flip over, the EDIX ED4 shanks stay stable on your horse’s head and allow you, in case of emergency to make a one-rein stop.


The crownpiece

The Crownpiece is anatomically shape and softly  to avoid any undesirable pressure against your horse’s ears.


The Cheepieces

The ED4 is designed in such a way that the ‘cheek pieces of the bridle’ do not move  when rein contact is applied. This is due to the design of the ED4 shank, which pivots at the end of the cheek pieces like a seesaw. This will keep the cheek pieces in still and positioned.


Poll release

The ED4 relieves the horse of all unwanted pressure. Behind the ears, above the atlas, and the TMJ joint remain free of pressure. Due to the pivoting action of the ED4 shanks at the end of the cheekpieces, the ED4 does not exert any extra pressure behind the ears when pulling the reins.


Excellent Release

The ED4 shanks have an immediate release, The rein aids are received directly and removed directly when the rein is relaxed. Good differentiation of signals gives clear communication with your horse. The Rings on the ED4 shanks give you an extra option to use a ‘pre-cue’ by wiggling the reins so the energy is directed to the rings only. This will make a clear sound and vibration for extra dimension in communication.


Anatomical 2-pieces crownpiece

The EDIX ED4, as all EDIX bridles are having an unique designed two-piece anatomically shaped crownpiece. The two separate parts are adjustable and can be perfectly adjusted to the curve of your horse’s ears. The unique and specially shaped headpiece is there to optimally protect the vulnerable part behind the ears with nerves on top of your horse’s atlas and the anatomical shape and soft padding provide maximum comfort for the horse.


No browband

The EDIX bridles are deliberately designed without a browband. The fit of the EDIX bridles are refined and due to technical aspects of the EDIX bridles very stable on your horse’s head, making the use of a browband unnecessary. Browbands, even perfectly fitted, always put undue pressure on the TMJ joint. In addition, EDIX likes to see as much of a horse’s head as possible 😉


The throat strap

The throat strap is positioned on the jaw for extra stability, and helps in case of an emergency stop to keep the bridle positioned on your horse’s head.


This item is not generally held in HEST stock. However we do endeavour to keep some stock on hand. ETA will be advised at time of order placement.

Edix ED4 Rose Collection Bitless Bridle

GST Included
ETA 4-12 weeks approx.
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