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These girths are often perfect for horses with a short back, a wide rib cage and/or a narrow chest. The specific shape of the girth offers space for the elbow to move, allowing sufficient freedom of movement for the horse. The 3 parts of leather are anatomical and have a very soft padding and offer a large contact surface so that a nice pressure distribution is realized.


These wide leather parts are connected by triple elastic to ensure a constant firm fixation and at the same time a high level of comfort for your horse. The durable elastic with elasticity tailored to the strength of your horse protects the saddle against unwanted forces caused by the varying abdominal circumference of your horse while riding. The elastic of the girth permanently adjusts in length during the horse's movements, allowing the horse to breathe well and use its belly correctly, keeping the saddle in place with constant tension. Which guarantees the comfort for your horse!


Made of carefully processed leather and therefore uniquely soft and flexible. This girth has a centered D-ring to attach a rear cinch to and and has stainless steel buckles to protect your girth straps against wear. All fittings on the girth are silver colored.

  • anatomically shaped and curved
  • with pressure distribution over a larger surface (thermographically tested)
  • specific girth shape ensures optimal freedom of the horse's chest muscle.
  • very suitable for horses with girth problems!
  • the girth has a safe stainless steel D-ring in the middle.


The EDIX crescent girth is available in black and brown and in the sizes 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90 and 95 cm. Longer sizes are available as a custom order.

Edix Crescent Leather Cinch

SKU: Edix Crescent cinch
GST Included
ETA 4-12 weeks approx
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