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SMILE ~ SPARKLE ~ SHINE  with the new EDIX 8-pocket kids dressage saddlepads of the EDIX Glamour collection.

Do you know that these saddlepads help you to improve your saddlefit??

The 6 top pockets on the upperside of the pad are included with thin felt shims. By putting one or two shims in the nessecary pocket, you can balance your saddle on your ponies back. Very helpful in case your pony is overbuilt or is dipped in the back.

The 2 big inlays, also included with 2 thin long felt inlays, can be used to give extra softness to your horses back, in case there is a lack of muscles or in case the horse is a bit older and the spine is coming out.

Otherwise it is a great saddlepad and can also be used without inlays!


EDIX 8-pocket kids Dressage saddle Pad "Glamour Collection"

GST Included
ETA 4-8 weeks approx.
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