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The special headpiece is making sure the ears are free of pressure and the throatstrap is positioned so that the leathers stay away from the eyes. The headpiece and the noseband are softly padded and oval shaped for comfort. The headpiece is adjustable with buckles.


The EDIX ED2 is a side-pull bitless bridle, where both reins are attached to the rings on either side of the horse's muzzle. The bridle works with a direct release of any pressure given by the rider through the reins. The moment you take contact on the the reins this pressure is provided on the nose of the horse. When you release the pressure is immediatly removed from the nose, which is called a direct release. This is a very clear signal and most horses, young horses but also horses used to a bit, do very well in a side pull bridle. By asking the right rein, the bridle will come slightly loose from the cheek and the opposite side, left side of the bridle, will push against the left cheek, combined with your seat aids, your horse will bend in the requested direction. The noseband is wide and softly padded, so the impact on your horses nose is limited and soft.


At EDIX we advise you to have your horses bridle without a browband! There is no need for a browband to have the bridle stay put and stable on your horse and by having your horses bridle without a browband, you are making sure there is no pressure behind the ears and on the Occipital bone.


Also we believe less is more and how beatifull is it too see more of your horses face without a browband?


The side pull fits like a regular bridle. The nosepiece of the bridle should fit about four fingers from the top of your horse’s mouth. You’ll want it high enough that it doesn’t sit on the cartilage of the nose, or on the ends of the nose bones themselves. The higher it is placed, the milder the action. The chin strap should be done up, but see that the horse can still open its mouth comfortably, but not too loose, otherwise the bridle will start dangling and will your cues not come in clear.


The EDIX ED2 bridles are available in 4 colors and 4 sizes. 


Edix ED2 Rose Collection Sidepull

SKU: ed2 rose collection pre order
GST Included
ETA 4-12 weeks approx.
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