Bates Artiste Dressage Monoflap Saddle. 

Size 1: 17 - 17.5" seat.

Colour: Black

2nd hand - had a total of 2 rides.

Selling for a friend, suit new buyer!

Full set of standard gullet plates included value $170.


The Bates Artiste Monoflap Dressage Saddle provides a close ride that promotes ultimate harmony between the horse and the rider. When it comes to communication, the monoflap design allows the saddle to vanish, allowing the rider to experience the horse like never before. Aids are clearly and directly transmitted to the horse because to the saddle flaps' unique shape.

Streamlined girth points and one-of-a-kind attachments eliminate any bulk or bumps from beneath the rider's legs.

The skirts have been locked down using moulding.
When used to attach a solid hand grip, a d-ring that can be tilted to allow it to lie flat.
The creativity of innovative ideas produces a transformative connection between horse and rider.

Features to look for:
Luxe Leather is hand-selected from the world's best calf leather and delicately cared for during the tanning process. To fulfil the special demands of an equestrian saddle, it ensures extraordinary strength, colour richness, ultra-soft feel, and level of grip.
The rider is guided to a neutral position by the sweet spot in the seat, where the pelvic bones can be felt squarely and contact is closest. This enables for a longer leg, precise alignment, and upper body balance support.

The Ergonomic Adjustable Stirrup Bar enables for precise stirrup bar position modification for maximum rider comfort.

The exterior FlexiContourbloc(R) on the Bates Artiste Saddle is located high on the saddle and has a contoured, highly soft inner surface that gives the rider an unrivalled feeling of security and freedom, allowing the rider's legs to melt seamlessly into the bloc without feeling constricted.
The Bates Synergy Panel gives the horse complete freedom to perform to his full capacity. For the horse's comfort and full range of motion, it is the most shock-absorbent and protecting panel. The groundbreaking low-profile panel provides for an unrivalled seamless transfer from the rider to their horse, allowing for maximum connection.

The new S-buckle billet attachment has the smallest profile under the rider's legs and enables for quick billet changing.
The use of Y-girthing improves saddle stability.
Adjustability is possible with the Bates Elastiflex tree.
The Horse and Rider Technology (HART) of the Bates Artiste Saddle comprises the EASY-CHANGETM Standard Gullet System and EASY-CHANGETM Riser System. It comes with the Medium (black) EASY-CHANGE Gullet pre-installed; additional gullets are available for purchase separately. The CAIR(R) cushion system distributes weight and pressure from the rider fluidly.

"Be as one"... this is the key to igniting your dressage performance."


Ride with confidence as you discover the artistry in bold innovations that are surprisingly about subtlety in their execution. With a position that feels so natural and a connection that is so sensitive, the saddle almost completely disappears, allowing your performance to be amplified. When it comes to the art of dressage, this saddle embraces the discipline as it is performed by horse and rider in a sculpted performance where every movement is choreographed with feeling, strength and grace. Get the perfect fit for your horse and experience power and depth of expression like you've never felt before. The perfect fit... The level of stability... Obtain stability through a perfect balance that will grant you a stillness, independence of seat, and a lightness of hand and leg that will allow you to dance effortlessly across your stage. The connection... experience the highest level of sensitivity as you drive a connection that allows you to use the subtlest of finesse in your aids as you take the stage in the main arena.



It is guided to neutral by the SweetSpot in the seat, where you can feel your pelvic bones squarely and where contact is the closest. A longer leg, perfect alignment, and support for your upper body balance are all made possible as a result.



The introduction of a low-profile panel in dressage is groundbreaking. This panel allows for a quick and seamless transition from your seat to your horse, resulting in an unprecedented connection between you and your horse.


The Bates(R) SynergyPanel(R) is the ultimate in horse performance enhancement, allowing your horse to perform at their peak.


It is, without a doubt, the most shock-absorbing and protective panel available for your horse's comfort and freedom of movement.



With the monoflap design, the saddle virtually disappears, allowing you to communicate with your horse in a way that has never been possible before. Because of the unique shape of the saddle flap, your aids will be transmitted to your horse in a clean and direct manner.

Bates Dressage Saddles are the most technologically advanced on the market. A high performance dressage range for all riders is the product of combining the problem-solving skills of industry leaders in saddle design with the knowledge and experience of world-class dressage riders. A high-performance dressage saddle with traditional lines and a refined appearance, the Bates Dressage saddle is designed with your horse's comfort and rider's position in mind. Equipped with an Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar and a narrow waist with greater width behind the rider for increased support of an optimal dressage position, this saddle is also lightweight and comfortable.


In minutes, you can adjust your saddle to the changing shape of your horse!

A total fitting solution for your horse's absolute comfort as well as your peace of mind is provided by the EASY-CHANGE(R) Gullet System and the EASY-CHANGE(R) Riser System . All adjustments are measurable, symmetrical, and completely reversible, providing you with complete confidence in your ability to custom fit your saddle to your horse's changing shape for optimal comfort and performance in any situation or situation. It's a BREEZE!

Be as one... the secret to ignite your dressage performance.

Discover the artistry in bold innovations that are surprisingly about the subtlety in riding. A position so natural and a connection so sensitive the saddle all but disappears and your performance is amplified.

  • The artistry... this saddle celebrates the art of dressage - the sculpted performance conducted by horse and rider in choreographing every movement with emotion, power, and grace.
  • The perfect fit... achieve the perfect fit for your horse and generate power and depth of expression that you will never have felt before.
  • The stability... find stability with the perfect balance that will grant you a stillness, independence of seat, and a lightness of hand and leg that will allow you to dance across your stage with ease.
  • The connection... feel ultimate sensitivity, driving a connection that enables the subtlest finesse in your aids as you take the spotlight in the main arena.

Discover the Bates Artiste in more detail...

Discover a position so natural and a connection so sensitive your saddle all but disappears as your performance comes to life. Discover... the Bates Artiste.

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