This saddle is going to appeal to a lot of riders! Stupidly secure with it's high pommel and uber deep seat, I can see this working for trail, arena, and mounted archery riders extremely well! The pommel, even though it is very high, is not in the way at all and does particularly offer extra confidence in the faster gaits.

The suede seat is super grippy and oh-so-comfortable! Helps riders with wiggly legs as the grip keeps your lower leg nice and still. Super close contact too which is awesome for treeless saddles!


This is a Grande/Standard size and I am a size 10-12 in jeans. I dont think a Piccolo would be big enough for me. So due to the deep seat and large pommel, this saddle is limited to max rider size of 14 (in jeans). See 2nd photo.


Suitable for trail, arena, endurance, mounted archery, working equitation, and any discipline where a deep secure seat is required.


The Ghost Saddle has been completely redesigned by a team of leading Treeless Saddle experts. It is a versatile saddle that fits and adapts to an extraordinary variety of horses.


The Ghost Saddle is balanced and secure, even on the most difficult to fit horses. Its Sympanova panels not only create airflow and breathability, they also provide excellent spinal clearance and weight distribution.


These panels have special foam inserts, and are adapted to take additional shims. The Sympanova panels are movable, to create the best fit for each horse.


The Ghost Saddle has a carbon pommel that fits even the widest horses. Its distinctive V girthing system is adaptable, affording maximum comfort and stability.


The overall structure of the saddle is self-adjusting, making it suitable for many different shapes/sizes/breed of horse. Perfect if you have more than one horse to ride!


The Ghost seat is ergonomic, comfortable and feels much narrower than many hip-wrenching treeless saddles on the market.


There are two stirrup attachments; one for a more forward GP position, the other for a longer-leg, classical position. The addition of thigh-blocks increases the rider’s security.


Ghost saddles are the perfect choice for pleasure riders and those participating in longer trail rides, as well as riders focussing on schooling and training. We recommend a rider weight limit of 80kg. Nevertheless, please contact us to discuss if you are outside these limitations as good balance and supplementary padding may compensate for extra kilos. We do have several competitive Endurance Riders enjoying remarkable success with the Ghost saddle. However, as with any saddle for this discipline, we always recommend a suitable endurance numnah and regular checking, especially for distances over 40km.


Saddle is sold unmounted. Accesseries are available to purchase here.



Ghost Buttera Saddle

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