New model from Ghost. The Buttera Maxxi! The new Buttera Maxxi has even more security than the standard Buttera because it's got a 4 cm higher cantle. This saddle looks like the saddle knights used for jousting! Saddles dont get any deeper than this! It's available as either a regular Ghost saddle or a Cavallin Bareback Saddle. Materials are limited to suede and Lorica or Mastrotto Nubuck for an extra cost. The stitching pattern is slightly different than the Buttera as well.


Customer comment!

If you're not getting any younger (check) joints getting a bit creaky (check) or simply the owner of a very silly horse with an overdeveloped sense of humour (check, check, check) then this saddle is for you. It is the most secure saddle I have ever sat on, or rather in, as it embraces you like an armchair. If your beloved equine slams on the brakes because a stone has moved since the last time you rode this path - no problem. If he/she goes from 0-30 due to a pheasant ambush, again, no problem, you are held by the large pommel in front and the high cantle behind. I truly believe it to be the most secure saddle on the market today and am delighted to own one.

Ghost Buttera Maxxi Saddle