F.R.A. Elastic Versatility Girth

F.R.A. Elastic Versatility Girth

The girth that gives your horse full freedom of movement and also fixes the saddle like a rock.


Main feature of the F.R.A. elastic girth is elastic over the entire length and width with a degree of elasticity that is fully adapted to the abdominal forces of a horse. This high-quality girth of German manufacture is woven from high-quality "Polyamid 6" elastic threads, which are characterized by an extremely high strength in elasticity. This special technique of weaving 20 elastic filaments, which per se consist of the 9 single "polyamid 6" threads, is unparalleled anywhere in the world. The use of these materials, combined with this technique of production, makes the girth for the horse an incredibly soft and friendly pressure distribution. A simple comparison to know what your horse feels from the girth is your own feeling that arises when you wear stretch clothing yourself.


With different body positions or activities, the stretch remains soft and there is no obstruction to movement. The impact of your saddle is also spared, the elasticity of the girth, like other girths, does not cause peak loads, so that they can no longer tear.


The open structure of the weave ensures good air flow. The girth is machine washable at 30 °. The girth adapts 100%, gives 100% to every varying force field and therefore varying size of the belly of your horse. Performance: high-quality "Polyamid 6" elastic threads horse elastic, elasticity is not lost by girth years of enjoyment machine washable stainless steel buckles webbing with 5 cm increments, from 30 cm length - 115 cm.


The girths are also available in a dressage and western version. Available colors: brown and black.

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