These belly protectors or girth fur are made of super soft 30mm thick Merino® fur skin and you can easily slide them over your girth.


These girth covers, made of high-quality Merino® fur skin, not only give your horse a comfortable feeling, but also promote blood circulation and thus relieve muscle tension. The Merino® wool fibers also do not provide a breeding ground for bacateria, have a self-cleaning ability and can therefore neutralise acids and odors. Partly because of this, the Merino® fur has a medicinal and therapeutic value and the Merino® fur contributes to general health. Comfortable feeling breathable and temperature equalizing properties. Protection against pressure and abrasion 30mm thick Merino® fur skin In length 60 and 80 cm (12cm wide). EDIX® girth cover Merino® wool is available in the colors natural, cappucino, black and brown.


EDIX Merino Girth Sleeves

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