The EDIX® Libre base is cut anatomically and in the same shape as the saddle and has a beautiful silver trim. The base has 8 separate pockets where pressure and / or position correcting inserts can be applied.


The top of the EDIX® Libre dressage model underlay is made from an outside of sturdy cotton fabric and an inner layer of felt. Where both on the left and right side of the pad, at the level of the inserts from the inside, 3 separate pockets have been stitched where a layer of felt has been introduced.


The inside of the pad has 2 large compartments with felt inserts. The underside of the top of the pad, where the rider's leg rubs while riding, there is a nylon reinforcement to prevent wear. The underside of the pad is finished with a synthetic wool and the separate insert compartments on both the left and right sides of the pad create a backbone freedom.


The EDIX® Libre Saddle Pad has a silver colored thread along the piping in the black and brown version for an extra chic dressage look.


Performance: made of felt with a sturdy cotton fabric on the top,  bottom is finished with synthetic fur, silver piping, 'wear leather' area has a nylon reinforcement, 8 pockets with velcro closable and including felt inserts offers freedom for the spine, anatomical shape notch for wither relief, Velcro straps for attachment to the saddle.


The EDIX® Libre Saddle pad is available in the colors brown, black and white and in sizes S, M and L.

EDIX Libre Felt Saddle Pad

GST Included