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Now you can hire one of the Edix Ed2 Sidpulls. This is a great option if you're really unsure on sizing or if you're taking your horse bitless for the first time and dont want to purchase a sidepull without trialling first. Side note: most horses have no issue going bitless, some riders may however ;)


This Listing is for a demo full sized  Grace ED2 with no reins, colour will vary depending on HEST stock. The Grace sidepull and the Rose Collection ED2 sidepull are exactly the same in design so fit the horse exactly the same way. The only difference is that the Rose Collection has tooling on the noseband.




1) Pay the secuirty depost and postage by using this shop link.


2) The sidepull will be posted to you.


3) Use the sidepull for 1-2 rides only please, this is plenty of time to help you decide if it's for you and your horse.


4) You may elect to keep the demo sidepull. 99% of the time they are sent to you brand new and unused. Occasionally it will have 1-2 rides. Security deposit is reflective of this.


5) If you decide it's not for you, please return it to us for a partial refund less shipping.  A demo fee of $25 will be retained from your refund also. This is to cover wear and tear on the item.


6) If you decide to return the demo sidepull for different colour or size, then the demo fee is not charged.


7) Once the demo sidepull has been recived by HEST, a refund will be processed to you less the costs above. If the sidepull is returned with excessive wear, no refund will be given and you can opt to have the sidepull returned to you at your expense. Normal wear is expected.


8) A shop link with the new sidepull in your choice of colour and size, will be emailed to you.


9) Once payment has been received, your new sidepull will be ordered from Edix or will be sent to you asap if it is in HEST stock. If not in stock, please allow 4 weeks Approx. for your new sidepull to arrive.



ED2 Grace Full - Demo/Pre-Purchase Trial

SKU: demo ED2 Grace Full
GST Included
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